Private Jet (vip services)

Private (Jet) Desk

We have a passion for delivering personalized service, whether we are anticipating needs or responding to requests and last minute solutions.

No matter what the size of your travel party or the length of the trip, we arrange straightforward the best service on the ideal aircraft for each and every trip from 1 passenger to over 500 passengers. 

Our private desk represents you or your company, when it's for a business trip, visiting an event, for shopping or for a luxury travel trip  you will get access to private luxury travel and you can 
be assured that every flight will meet your needs.

Our extensive network of carefully selected and certified operators gives you access to world-class, luxury. 


- Flexibility 

 Direct flights from the closest airports. 
Flexible schedules; if your meetings run late the crew and aircraft will still be waiting.

 - Comfort 
Enjoy superb in-flight luxury  and peaceful travel

 - Fast and Productive 
Check-In facilities and VIP terminals will minimize journey times. 

 - Convenience 
No delays and avoid the queues - No stress! 

Personalized service

We offer personalized services to meet your specific demands. Our aim is not to maintain as many flights as possible, we value flexibility as we communicate with our clients regarding appropriate schedules suitable for their business agenda. The essentials of our unique position in luxury aviation services is understanding in how various businesess operate and how important time saving and convinience from all aspects is. You can consider Striver as your own private jet desk. 

- Business traveling 
- Business V.I.P
- VIP clients
- Pleasure and Leisure
- Small group charters
- Big group charters
- Urgent transport

 For corporate staff/customers and business relationships,sports teams or concerts tours, we
have access to Jumbo Business Jets for private travel with conference facilities, bedrooms and
any other amenity you can think of.

We can also arrange VIP ground transportation for clients to and from the airport.  


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STRiVER PMC offers personalized services within various sectors in real estate, luxury lifestyle management and consultancy.
The essences of our services are convenience and beneficial time-saving. We take the time to assess each and every one of our clients'
needs and desires in order to provide the most unique and tailored services in strict confidentiality, as we have become their “private desk” in life.