November 2011

 Leon Luxembourg Magazine - Turkey - Alanya - STRiVER PMC                 



  Jan - Feb 2012

 Leon Luxembourg Magazine - Ibiza  - Palacio for rent - STRiVER PMC                 



March  2012

STRiVER PMC opens exclusive branch (EV) on Ibiza for a VIP clientele - Reuters press       



  April  2012

 LIFE AFTER FOOTBAL,nummer 04  - Ibiza  - STRiVER PMC presents:                 



April  2012

 - STRiVER PMC - on The world's Largest Luxury Marketplace -            


July  2012 

Interview with Ronny Boon, Founder and Director at Striver
I.A.I.R (International Alternative Investment Review) focuses on the fastest growing segments within this dynamic sector, including family office, private equity, hedge funds, philanthropy and property. The readership includes: - Hedge fund managers - Fund of fund operators - High net worth individuals - Private bankers - Law firm - Head of family offices - Trustee - Investment directors   



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STRiVER PMC offers personalized services within various sectors in real estate, luxury lifestyle management and consultancy.
The essences of our services are convenience and beneficial time-saving. We take the time to assess each and every one of our clients'
needs and desires in order to provide the most unique and tailored services in strict confidentiality, as we have become their “private desk” in life.