Real Estate Commercial Management

Do you, as an owner, of one or more properties require that they be professionally and commercially managed.
Our business is primarily focused on the management and letting out of residential and business properties.

We offer you, as an owner, a flexible and transparent range of services enabling you to outsource the management of
your real estate in a personal and professional manner.

The Commercial Management service encompasses a variety of factors, which we, as your private desk, will manage.

This way you won't have to worry about the administration and letting out of your property
and you can be rest assured
that your property will be properly managed and that all business transactions will be handled in a professional and
reliable manner.

Management Services, for your Commercial success

- Acquisition of new tenants, letting out & consultancy

- Gaining of information of potential candidate tenants

- Viewings with candidate tenants

- Handling of rental contracts (Key Handovers, Deposits, etc)  

- Handling of termination notices of rental contracts

- Handling of questions and complaints of tenants

- Administration / correspondent letters

- Monthly collections of the rent / Monitoring (outstanding) payments

- Consults with suppliers of products and services regarding maintenance

- Yearly rent price indexation

We provide an optimal service by offering your real estate to international companies who 
have outsourced their
search for residential accommodations for their employees to us. 
Besides these companies we will also consult our
own database and other specialized companies and strive to maintain good business relations with both the owners
and tenants.

In the event of potential vacancy, we as your commercial management company will take the necessary 
to reduce this as much as possible and to propose new candidate tenants. 
We will select tenants based on the
requirements set by you as the owner, for example 
by asking for an employer declaration or guarantees by third parties.

A transparently managed financial administration is essential for commercial success.

When your requests fall outside the services listed in our Commercial Management, other options can always
be explored: some examples would be technical issues or consultancy. We will offer you a custom-made solution
according to your wishes.

Interested in more detailed information, please contact us
To offer your property please fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.  

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STRiVER PMC offers personalized services within various sectors in real estate, luxury lifestyle management and consultancy.
The essences of our services are convenience and beneficial time-saving. We take the time to assess each and every one of our clients'
needs and desires in order to provide the most unique and tailored services in strict confidentiality, as we have become their “private desk” in life.