Member clients get intelligent consultancy - whether they are using lifestyle concierge or professional
support services – they benefit from the expertise of our network specialists. 

For our existing clients we act, in many cases, as purchasers or as sellers. In these scenarios the clients
prefer anonymity during a purchase or sale so that their fame and / or status has no influence on
the price negotiation process. 

Confidentiality, discretion and professionalism are the trademarks of these negotiations.

Our consultancy service covers all aspects of your business and social life

Real Estate 
• Selling / Buying / Marketing 

Management of properties / Mediation 
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Travel Services
• Including exclusive car rentals, private driver , yacht charters, private jet charters to destination and
luxury private accomodations 

Contact your Private Desk to assist you. 

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STRiVER PMC offers personalized services within various sectors in real estate, luxury lifestyle management and consultancy.
The essences of our services are convenience and beneficial time-saving. We take the time to assess each and every one of our clients'
needs and desires in order to provide the most unique and tailored services in strict confidentiality, as we have become their “private desk” in life.